Lehigh & New England 611 is owned by the Railroad & Industrial Preservation Society. The following is from their website:

LNE 611 Builders Photo

Lehigh & New England #611 is an S2 diesel switcher built in 1948 by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) of Schenectady, NY. One of 1,502 S2-type diesel electric switcher locomotives constructed by ALCO between 1940-50, #611 is a significant survivor. While most S2s have been turned to scrap, #611 stands to become an operating artifact from the post-WWII era. 

#611 was built for the anthracite coal, cement and slate hauling Lehigh & New England Railway which connected Maybrook, NY with Allentown and Tamaqua, PA until its abandonment in 1961.  Most of #611’s first 12 years on the LNE were spent within 30 miles of the locomotive’s current home in Kutztown, PA. #611 was sold to the Ford Motor Company where it worked at the world-famous River Rouge steel mill. The locomotive finished its regular service years at a grain mill in Emporia, Indiana. The Lehigh New England Preservation Society and the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society brought #611 back to Pennsylvania in 2016.