Conrail 715788 is an F41D flatcar built in October of 1934 both by and for the Pennsylvania Railroad as PRR 469638. The flatcar remained in freight service after being acquired by the Penn Central and then Conrail. 

Sometime after Conrail, the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland acquired the flat car. The museum turned it into an open air passenger car for use on their short excursions by building a body and roof on top of the car.

In 2011 the Conrail Historical Society acquired the flatcar from the B&O Railroad Museum. They dismantled the passenger body on site and trucked it to the Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad in Middletown, PA. 

In late 2014 the flat car was shipped via rail from the M&H to the Allentown and Auburn Railroad. In 2015, once again the flat car would become an open air passenger car. It was painted oxide red,  received handrails around the perimeter of the car and old church pews ran down the middle as seats. Soon after the CRHS had the car lettered CR 715788. The flatcar was the first piece of equipment other than cabooses to carry passengers along the line.

The CRHS eventually de-assessed the flatcar and sold it to the A&A. In 2017 CR 715788  was in need of a new wood deck and new seats, as the church pews were well over 100 years old. After being used on almost every passenger train on the railroad it was replaced by ALLN 474693 as an open air passenger car. 

Today CR 715788 is used as rolling storage for parts of ALLN 106 and LNE 611.