B&O C2414 as it looks today. Kutztown, PA (Brandon Bartolotta)

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad C2414 is an I-12 “Wagontop” caboose built in December of 1941 at the B&O’s Keyser, WV shops. It left the shop wearing the B&O’s Devil Red paint scheme.

In June of 1966 #C2414 was refurbished at the B&O’s Dubois, PA shops. It was repainted into B&O’s Enchantment Blue and put into mainline pool service.

In March of 1977, #C2414 was again refurbished at the Raceland, KY shops and painted into Chessie System’s C&O Yellow scheme.  In April of 1982, #C-2414 was renumbered to #902414 in Newark, OH.

Chessie System’s B&O 902414 (Unknown Photographer)

The caboose stayed in service through the Chessie System’s merger into CSX and was eventually retired in June of 1985. #902414 sat in Cumberland, MD until a private owner purchased the caboose and relocated it to Jim Thorpe, PA.

In 1986 the caboose was repainted B&O Enchantment Blue. It would occasionally be used on Rail Tours Inc.’s tourist trains.

C2414 Sitting in Jim Thorpe, PA. 7/1/1990 (Alan Page)

In October of 2004 the caboose was again sold to another private owner. In Late June of 2014 B&O C2414 left Jim Thorpe, PA via rail to Temple, Pa. Here it was loaded onto a truck and transported to Kutztown, PA.

Ready to be loaded up at the old Reading Railroad station in Temple, PA. 6/21/2014 (G Gerard)

B&O C2414 arrived at the Allentown and Auburn Railroad later that day in a coat of primer. Months later it got painted B&O Devil Red, though the lettering of the car was never finished.  #C2414 can be found on almost all passenger trips on the railroad.

With paint about 1 year old and magnetic letters C2414 sits ready for passengers. Topton, PA 10/2/2016 (Tim Darnell)
AB&SHR Certificate of Authentication hanging in the car.