Allentown and Auburn 474693 is an F30A flatcar built in October of 1934 both by and for the Pennsylvania Railroad. The flatcar remained in freight service after being acquired by the Penn Central. When Conrail acquired the car, it was rebuilt into a camp car and renumbered CR 62610 for MOW service. Norfolk Southern acquired the camp car and ran it in their MOW trains for about 10 years.

CR 62610 on an NS MOW train in Marysville, PA on 3/21/09. (Chris Carangi)

In February of 2011 NS donated the camp car to the Conrail Historical Society. Soon after, the CRHS relocated the car to the Allentown and Auburn. While still under ownership of the CRHS the camp car served as a crew quarters for the A&A, until the deteriorating camp car body was removed and sold to a local farmer for use as a shed in 2016. (The camp car body can still be seen today in the distance from the tracks if you know where to look.)

PRR 4666 positions the car for the removal of the camp car body. (Michael Reitz)

Months later, the CRHS de-assessed the flatcar and sold it to the A&A. It was then painted black, lettered as LV 10010, and used for MOW work on the railroad. 

LV 10010 in MOW service about to leave Kutztown with a load of new ties. (Michael Reitz)

In early 2017, LV 10010 entered into the restoration shop for an overhaul into an open air passenger car. This car would replace the CR 715788 open air car in service at the time. Some of the things done to the car included, but are not limited to: truck work, installation of a new deck onto the body, replacing the original vertical “stem-winder” brake wheel, installation of handrails around the perimeter of the car, and installation of 5 picnic tables for seating. The car also received a PRR inspired paint job, renumbering it back to it’s original number, but lettering it for the Allentown and Auburn.

ALLN 474693 was finished just in time for use in the warm weather of  2017. It can be found on almost all passenger trips on the railroad.

ALLN 474693 receiving a new coat of paint on the railing. (Brandon Bartolotta)

As of October 2022, ALLN 474693 is currently out of service.